Luxury Residential, Wellness Haven is Ideal Choice for Investment or Vacation Home in Tagaytay

With seemingly so many property choices for a vacation home in Tagaytay, it can be overwhelming to make decision on where to invest one’s hard-earned money. The best way to decide is to step back and focus on your goals for investing:

Are you looking for a very private, secure, and relaxing vacation home? Do you seek a place that helps you find wellness and good health? How about a home that provides the pampering and luxury you deserve after all the hard work you do all week—plus the ability to maximize your returns?

If all of that sounds good to you, then there’s really no other place in Tagaytay that fits the bill except Anya Resort and Residences. It is a harmonious blend of luxurious amenities, world-class service, wellness opportunities, and the best value and return for your investment.

Anya’s 5.7 hectare property is nested in a secluded portion of Tagaytay located along Buena Vista Hills Road, in Barangay Mag-asawang Ilat, Tagaytay City. The beautiful and relaxing ambiance of landscaped green spaces provide a refreshing setting for the various amenities—all designed for wellness, rejuvenation, and pampering. It is open to visiting guests and vacationers, as well as to investors who wish to purchase their own residential units.

True health and wellness is integral to Anya’s commitment to visitors and homeowners. Wellness is about enjoying life to the fullest, free of stress and disease, with enough energy, and the resilience of face life’s challenges and bask in successes great or small.

Achieving true wellness at Anya is the result of both its environment and the healthy lifestyle that its guests and residents enjoy. Wellness treatments like massages, facials, body scrubs and others soothe away stress and stimulate the body’s natural defenses.

The total Anya experience combines these treatments with healthy and delicious cuisine, and the solitude amid nature’s power to renew and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

“Health experts have been telling us that a stressful lifestyle contributes to or even causes most of our illnesses. This is what makes Anya a great opportunity not only to enjoy world-class amenities but also the chance to live healthy and well, and improve quality of life through our holistic treatments and the healthy lifestyle we provide,” said Santiago Elizalde, Senior Vice President of Roxaco Land Corporation.

Wellness amenities

Anya’s master-planned design is shaped to cooperate with to its location’s natural terrain, in order to make the property environmentally friendly. The resort and residential areas are surrounded by pocket gardens, streams, and brooks, and pathways of stone and wood. There are areas meant for yoga, meditation, and other healthy activities. There’s a spa, a gym, separate pools for guests and residents, the Living Room, and a Borderless Library.

With the Borderless Library guests and residents take a book or an e-reader and bring these anywhere in the property to enjoy some quiet time with enjoying literature and get comfy while expanding their minds.

Three dining areas will provide healthy, international cuisine: Café Amra and Lounge; Pizzeria Anila; and Samara Terrace Restaurant. These foods are not just gourmet dishes but healthy feasts as well, courtesy of resident chef Carlo Miguel. Guests and residents may also order food to be brought to the Living Room, the Residents’ Pavilion, or their residential units.

The vegetables used in Anya’s dishes are grown at the property itself using all-natural, organic methods to preserve on only the tasty, crisp freshness of the ingredients but all to retain their health-giving nutrients.


Anya residents will receive exclusive pampering at The Residents' Pavilion, a private complex only they are privileged to enjoy. The Residents’ Pavilion is .perched atop the resort’s highest point and provides an excellent view of Anya’s amenities. The exclusive Residents’ Pool provides a chance to relax by the water’s edge while enjoying a snack and a refreshing drink, reading a book, or surfing the Internet. At the Residents’ Pavilion, sunny days, dawns, and dusks become magical moments with family members.

Two other swimming pools are also at the resort. The Resort Pool is located right in the middle of Anya’s various amenities and activity areas. The young ones, especially, will enjoy a fun time at the pool while in close proximity to food and beverage service. The Concierge Pool, on the other hand, is another private area where residents can be pampered with a butler service and a relaxing massage from on-duty masseuses.

The pampering of residents is only possible through the warm, all-encompassing and detailed service given to guests, residents, and investors. It is a unique brand of service that is truly Filipino—and Filipinos are known all over the world for their friendliness, cheerful, and caring attitude at they attend to customers’ needs. . Filipinos are practically the backbone of the global hospitality industry. This is the personalized, signature service at Anya that goes above and beyond.


The luxurious, international-quality accommodations of Anya along with the personalized service provided make it the ideal investment. Investors may choose from several types of units including 1) Guest Room/Studio; 2) One-Bed Suite/Residential; and 3) Two-bed Presidential/Residential.

Anya is in partnership with leading brands, distribution channels, and marketing firms to assure investors that room revenue remains at peak level. Anya is also a securitized asset so it has ongoing capital appreciation. So far current projections place cash yields at 8 percent per year based on the purchased asset price.


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