The benefits of a high speed internet access

A lot of SMBs have yet to discover how the Internet can be a powerful tool in reaching out to their markets, doing research to get new ideas and information—and as a result, make more timely, accurate and strategic business decisions—and for conducting critical communications or even closing deals with business partners.

Let’s look at the ways that SMBs can take advantage of the Internet, especially when they use a high-speed Internet connection from Globe Business.

Company websites

Websites let SMBs to have a presence in digital, online world. According to one estimate, there were some 2.27 billion Internet users in 2012. Just think of getting a share of that market.

A website allows consumers a specific place where they can go, akin to that of an office building. It can be a place to learn more about the company, its products, and its services, or put in inquiries and suggestions. Furthermore, because a website is privately owned, it allows SMBs to express themselves. Having their own website means that they present it in however way they want to present themselves to others.

Blogs, Social Networks

More and more businesses are using Blogs and Social Networking Sites. These sites engage your market in a more direct, more personal way. Posts you make on these sites are quickly “shareable” among the members of the social networking community. These sites share information, generate interest and buzz, and promote an image or foster goodwill about the company, its products and services.

Consumers have the option to engage in conversation with the company. And the company is also in a situation where they can initiate this interaction. It perks up people's interests because then the company doesn't seem like just another corporation. They begin to see the company as one of them; someone who shares their interests and wants to know more about them.

Of course one must alert their consumers about the company's online presence. E-mail blasts are a quick way to making sure that consumers are aware of a company's place in the internet. They can be as brief or as detailed as one would like.

Within all of this, high-speed Internet connection will definitely play a role. High-speed internet means that one can update their website on a daily, or even hourly, basis. Keep it updated and make sure that, when consumers visit the website, they will know everything that has happened involving the company.

Blogs and Social Networking Sites can also be updated quickly using high-speed Internet. Replying can be instant, thus continuing the flow of an actual conversation with consumers. High-speed internet also means that one can post regularly, thus giving the consumers something to look forward to. Knowing when the next update will be posted will give consumers more reason to visit one's blogs.

Critical information

The Internet is not just about spreading word of one's business. Apart from having sites where consumers can go to, the internet is also a venue for SMBs to expand their business.

It is a source of how-to's and what's when it comes to running one's business. The Internet is a great source for ideas, advice and even inspiration of what direction the business should go. From the design of the website, to the atmosphere of the physical office, to the use of words one uses on their blogs— these are some of the things that one can look up on while online, in order to help create the business’ identity.

If one is concerned with keeping up to date with the latest news that could involve their business, the Internet allows access to different sites that contain critical business news. News sites and business-themed blogs give updates to innovations that could help the business as well.


Most important of all, SMBs can rely on high-speed internet for maintaining communication internally and externally. For businesses established in various branches, one can save time and cost from making phone calls or even travelling to these locations.

High-speed Internet means that e-mails can be sent and received at any time, from anywhere. If e-mail is not the desired platform for discussion, there is also the option of having an online, Web-based video conference. This way, one can meet with all involved members, even if they are located far from each other.

It would also be the best place to set network with other companies. They may not be in the same country but it is possible to get them to endorse one’s business. Meetings can transpire through e-mails and video conferences. Instead of having to travel to one’s office, one’s online presence can serve as a portfolio to present endorsers.

Contracts and documents won't have to take days to be delivered; if e-mail storage is not enough, there are sites which offer space for uploading huge files. Supplies and products that will help the business can be ordered from the Internet, saving the inconvenience of having to go to that specific shop that is out of the way or out of the country.

In our Information Age, the Internet is a necessary tool for anyone who wants a successful business. It provides a wide range of sources; not just for information but also of consumers. Furthermore, it’s not simply about exposing one’s business; it’s also about expanding it. With the right mix of presentation, content and connection, one could become a well-established business recognized worldwide.

Globe Business offers high-speed, reliable, and secure Internet connections to help in an SMBs growth. Learn more about how high-speed Internet and other Globe Business products and services can do for you by visiting the nearest Globe Store; logging on to;or calling +632 730-1010.

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