Coca-Cola Philippines 100 Years Anthem, “Tuloy” is #1

Top Filipino musicians joining forces, a catchy beat and refreshing mix of uplifting vibe, lyrics and rhythm—the perfect formula for a surefire chart-topper! The same happy formula behind the Coca-Cola 100th Year anniversary anthem entitled “Tuloy”, which now takes on the coveted number one spot at the Myx Daily Top 10.

Right after the smashing success of back-to-back Coke 100-Year initiatives with Caloy, The President for Happiness of Coca-Cola, at the helm, the centennial celebration of the country’s beloved beverage brand continues as more and more get into the groove of the ultimate happy song! “We made it! Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Filipinos, most especially the music-loving teens who keep voting and voting since the song debuted. It’s a happy day,” says Caloy, when the song was officially declared number one. The Myx Daily Top 10 is the day-to-day tabulation of the hottest local and international hits of today, as voted by Filipinos nationwide.

It’s no wonder why the cheerful anthem gained such a warm reception by avid viewers of the country’s number one music channel, Myx. Who wouldn’t love a song designed to paint a smile on anyone’s face? Who wouldn’t get thrilled with a fresh collaboration? More so when Coca-Cola has brought together two of the country’s sought after, A-list artists: “Mr. Pure Energy” Gary Valenciano and “Popstar Princess” Sarah Geronimo along with fast-rising electro-pop act, Somedaydream.

With these three talented musicians fusing their own unique musical flair, Tuloy has quickly become today’s ultimate pick-me-up song; its infectiously fun beat and message of positivity, resounding in every verse. With this song, Coca-Cola sings a heartfelt thank you and reaffirms its promise of continually opening happiness towards the next century, the same way it has successfully done over the last 100 years. As in all the legs of the 100th year celebration of Coca-Cola, the anthem invites every single Filipino to go out, open themselves to possibilities and declare their choice to be happy. Every word spurs hope. Every beat inspires happiness. As the lyrics of the song goes, “Tuloy lang ang saya. Tuloy lang ang ligaya. Basta't habang naririto ako, tuloy ang happiness.” (“Let happiness live on. Let happiness live on. As long as I’m here, happiness lives on”).

With the song continuing to take on the airwaves and hit charts, Tuloy is on its way to rightfully earning a spot to be lined up among the other iconic Coca-Cola anthems produced over the last 100 years in the Philippines. And indeed, no other melody could best lead us through the coming years with a heart full of optimism. No other tune could make us remember the most refreshing moments of happiness in our lives; times that become all the more memorable with an ice-cold Coke in hand.

Coca-Cola. Maraming Salamat sa 100 Taon ng Saya. Ituloy ang Happiness!

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.

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