DepEd Graduation Guideline: Focus on Significance, Not Extravagance

Education Secretary calls on all school heads to strictly observe the guidelines on the holding of graduation ceremonies foremost of which is the non-collection of any kind of fees for the school year-closing rites.

“I would like to reiterate DepEd Order No. 8, series of 2005 which prohibits the collection of any graduation fees or any kind of contribution for the graduation rites. I will hold responsible all school heads and DepEd personnel who will violate this,” Luistro said.

The graduation rites in all public elementary and secondary schools will be on March 28 or 29, 2012.

The education chief also stressed that no extravagant special graduation attire and extraordinary venue are required. Contribution for the yearbook (if any) is voluntary. “The significance of the event should not be overshadowed by pomp, pageantry and unwarranted spending,” Luistro pointed out.

Luistro added that what DepEd wants to encourage is the simplicity in the holding of a meaningful event. “In graduation, we want to be reminded of what our learners gained during their stay in school, their sense of community and personal responsibility,” he said.

Moreover, Luistro emphasized that the graduation rites itself should be solemn, focused on the students and their parents and not a venue for political forum.

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