Project Headshot Clinic "Commit" Aims For #ZEROHIVPH

ABS-CBN's Paulo Avelino and Erich Gonzalez.

The Headshot Clinic "Commit" is part of the World AIDS Day campaign of the Project Headshot, UNAIDS, The Red Whistle, Take The Test and all the advocates on spreading awareness about the issue on HIV/AIDS. Right now as of Sept 2011 there are around 253 new cases of people living with HIV (PLHIVs) and we believe in the power of social media is spreading the information and awareness especially the your who are very much vulnerable to be infected of HIV because of unsafe penetrative se-x and possible exposure to drug abuse.

Being part of this campaign and letting the Project Headshot take your photos is a pledge that you are one of us spreading AWARE-ness and not the virus, MOVE-ing to stop the spread of the HIV and now COMMIT-ting yourself to move a bigger step in support of the organizations and advocates in our campaign #ZEROHIVPH.

 Project Headshot Clinic (HSC) is a brand new concept that merges Profile photos online and Advertising as we see campaigns, advertisements, and advocacies may easily be conveyed through our unique digitized headshots online.

Of course, yours truly joined the social media campaign to stop the spread of the HIV virus. I'm now using this unique profile photo in, together with other Red Whistle Armies.

JL Santiago Aquino

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