16 OPM Artists Team-Up for "TUNOG NATIN" Music Album

An OPM album that aim to strengthen Original Pilipino Music dubbed as "TUNOG NATIN," was launched few hours ago in Hard Rock Cafe in Makati City. The all-Original Pilipino Music (OPM) concert series takes promoting the local music scene to a whole new level by gathering 16 of the most promising and established Filipino artists in a compilation album that celebrates the beauty of our very own brand of music.

 Included in the said music album are Pepe Smith, Jim Paredes, Gloc-9, Tanya Markova, Barbie Almalbis, Arnee Hidalgo, 1:43, Tricia Garcia, MCoy Fundales, Myrus, True Faith, Sheng Belmonte, Faith Cuneta, Princess Velasco and Kiss Jane.

Presented by Avida Land Corp., the album titled "Tunog Natin: Songs From Home" is composed of 10 tracks of authentic OPM music—three original tracks and seven covers of timeless songs that Filipino love. The album will exclusively be available in Astrovision and Astroplus record stores nationwide as part of the Tunog Natin advocacy to revive audiences’ appreciation for OPM.

“Coming out with a new album is definitely a huge step towards promoting OPM. The success of the three concerts has paved way to this new venture,” says Tess Tatco, the  Marketing Head of Avida Land.

“The enthusiastic response of audiences to the Tunog Natin concerts is nothing less than inspiring for us. We’ve always supported efforts to promote Filipino culture and Tunog Natin, both the concert series and the album, is one advocacy that we are proud to be a huge part of,” adds Tatco.

Fresh Sound Renews OPM

Making the compilation album more interesting are collaborations between artists of different music genres. These are set to give old OPM hits a unique and fresh sound that young and mature listeners alike would enjoy.

The collaborations of various artists give the record an exciting twist. Since the artists come from different music genres, they create a fresh, yet familiar and endearing sound that will renew audiences’ love for OPM.

Soul singer Arnee Hidalgo, for instance, recorded "Pumapatak Ang Ulan" (an APO Hiking Society original) with quirky all-male band Tanya Markova. Rapper Gloc-9 and jazz singer Tricia Garcia are singing "Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko", which was popularized by Sharon Cuneta and written by Rey Valera.

Myrus, which is also the project head of Tunog Natin! recorded the Noel Cabangon classic “Kanlungan” with Princess Velasco. This was actually my early favorite in this album, and currently on the loop while I'm typing this. True Faith and Sheng Belmonte will also gave their own rendition of “Umagang Kay Ganda”. OPM pop sensation 1:43 (pronounced as “one forty-three”) covered "Harana" by Parokya Ni Edgar.

There are also collaborations between young and veteran artists. Jim Paredes and Faith Cuneta are going to sing “Panalangin”, while Father of Pinoy Rock Pepe Smith collaborated with emerging rock band Letter Day Story for the song “Salamat”.

Original Tracks

The compilation will also feature new, original songs. The four-piece Kiss Jane will include “Beep, Beep” in the album, while Kenyo front man Mcoy Fundales and Barbie Almalbis will duet for a brand new song entitled "Kay Sarap Mabuhay".

Tunog Natin: Songs from Home will also include the Tunog Natin advocacy theme song entitled "Heto Ako!” written by critically-acclaimed producer and arranger Jonathan Ong. All the album’s artists will participate in recording the theme song.

Sustainable Advocacy

After three successful concerts and an album on the way, Tunog Natin proves that it is a sustainable advocacy, thanks to OPM lovers and Avida Land.

“Tunog Natin is a great way of showcasing the creativity of Filipinos and preserving OPM for younger generations. We will continue to advocate OPM and other aspects of our Filipino heritage, ” says Tatco.

The launch of “Tunog Natin: Songs from Home Compilation Album” is one more reason to keep the faith: slowly but surely, OPM will make resurgence in the hearts and minds of Filipinos. As long as Tunog Natin receives support from Filipino listeners and other partners, OPM advocacy will keep going strong.

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