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When I got an event invite via email that says, “A Hair Erasing Invitation: Let’s all see the light at the END OF THE (hairy) TUNNEL,” I knew that this one would be different. The location is quite different too, this is held at the Ark Avilon Zoo in Frontera Verde.

And if you are wondering why a waxing brand is holding an event at the zoo, well the invite also says, “If you don’t live in the zoo, you don’t need too much hair. Go to the smooth side and have yourself STRIPPED!”

The event is actually the launch of STRIP: Ministry of Waxing’s New Strawberry Wax. Brazilian wax virgins can now rest easy with the arrival of STRIP Strawberry Wax. This yummy pink wax is infused with the smoothing properties of aloe vera and chamomile and couple with the expertise of STRIP’s waxperts, ensures that the very first time is an easy breezy, near painless experience.

The hygiene benefits of stripping unsightly hair are often ignored. You should know that bacteria thrive in the moist and unexposed parts of our body causing odor and discomfort. It’s irritating and not to mention unattractive too! Getting rid of hair in these areas will leave you with a fresh and clean feeling even on a hectic school day!

Something New and Sweet 

To make sure that first timers feel extra comfortable throughout the experience, STRIP introduces the latest concoction from Singapore – the Strawberry Wax. Developed specially for first time Brazilian virgins, it packs in the healing powers of chamomile and aloe vera to calm and soothe even the most tender skin. The creamy pink wax wafts a deliciously comforting strawberry scent. It is specially formulated to be super soft and easy to apply. And because it can be spread so thinly on the skin, it dries quickly and evenly. This means virgin hairs can be removed without the discomfort caused by traditional brittle wax.

Prior to each treatment, STRIP Manila’s resident Waxpert will undergo a full consultation with each Brazilian virgin. Bach Flower essence – nature’s secret healing remedy – helps induce a calming sensation and for extra moral support, a cute squeezy animal toy will be on hand, literally, throughout the treatment. The STRIP Strawberry Wax costs P1200.00 per treatment.

Brazilian Virgin Kit 

STRIP has produced a handy Brazilian Virgin Kit for easy after-wax care and maintenance. Each kit contains a trial-sized bottle of:

• X’ed out cream, 5ml - X’ed out cream for ingrown hair
• Ice Cream, 5ml - Ice Cream to soothe irritated skin
• Strawberry body scrub, 5ml
• Strawberry moisturizing body butter, 5ml
• 1 peace ampoule for soothing hair follicle and retarding hair growth.

The STRIP Brazilian Virgin Kit is priced at P1250.


The Launch of STRIP’s New Strawberry Wax is hosted by DJ Tony Toni, DJ Slick Rick and DJ Sam YG of  Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out.

Then two female & one male model with afro hair came out, they started a game called “Strip Me Game” where the contestant should ‘strip’ the model and pick a ‘hair’ on their body. 

Every ‘hair’ has corresponding prizes like free Brazilian wax, free upper lip wax, free underarm wax. I won a free upper lip waxing, teehee! :)

Nix from STRIP Manila answers some questions from the hosts and from the press present that afternoon.

This is the waxes that they are using. The pink one is the strawberry and the other one looks like chocolate (as far as I remember) both smells so yummy, by the way. I want to take a bite!

Another representative from STRIP named Maecon, presented an AVP about the waxing fallacies: waxing is excruciating, causes blemishes, expensive, and unnecessary.

Since their waxes really smells so yummy. They actually has an edible one, this is limited edition though. :) So I didn’t eat it and just save it as memorabilia. :)

The Light at the End of a (Hairy) Tunnel

For every man and woman pining for hairless freedom, hair removal methods are aplenty. The most obtainable (shaving, depilatory chemicals, waxing) are also temporal. Of course among all that, we’d still recommend waxing – heck, a ministry was built on it! But if you’re tired of monthly salon appointments and you’re looking for a more permanent solution, bank on the words Active Intense Pulse Light.

We feel the need to address the horror stories first and briefly. You’ve heard many, we’re sure. Burns, hyper pigmentation, swollen spots, redness, scars – you’re not the first and only to hesitate. Now should you or shouldn’t you? Well, don’t do yourself a disservice and just go! The only question worth asking is “Where?”

A Hair Erasing Experience

From the first bush it ever tamed eight years ago, Strip has been in the ministry of making hair removal revolutionary. Strip has waxed over 2 million manes worldwide plus a quarter more done through IPL treatment. And the numbers are still growing.

Strip’s Active Intense Pulse Light (APL) uses a newer and more innovative method than the traditional IPL. APL uses a lower dosage of light and heat energy than the old method, making every treatment guaranteed painless. The new treatment does away with the old rubber band snapping motion that IPL patients are accustomed to. APL is also safer because it gradually distributes energy, reducing the chance of burns and other side effects.

APL is also different from Laser. Laser works on a focused ray while APL first works on broad beam. It’s more prone to burns and can only be done by doctors; hence it’s more expensive than APL.

The recommended course of APL treatment is 6 sessions with 4-6 weeks interval. Strip can only promise permanent reduction of hair growth (about 90%) after completing the entire therapy but some customers experienced no re-growth at all! Talk about a season finale on the Return of the Ingrown! All this is done through Strip’s technology that is considered as the Ferrari of IPL!

Strip’s APL therapists treat hair in almost any area on the body: be it on the legs, bikini line, back, underarms, arms, upper lip and you can even count on them for a Brazilian. APL is effective even on tanned skin and can remove in the lightest-colored hair strands.

Strip offers APL treatment at about P5000 per session (for females) – a little pricey at the outset but consider it as an investment. What is six sessions to waxing or shaving every few weeks, right?

Waxing is fabulous too, but we recommend Strip’s Active Intense Pulse Light treatment if you’re in for prolonging the good vibes that hair-freedom brings.
With almost a decade to its name and branches in global cities such as Singapore and New York, Strip is viewed worldwide as a pioneer in hair removal technology. Always on their feet with research and development, Strip’s team of experts is on the prowl to keep every bush prettily trimmed and every lawn neatly mowed.

STRIP: THE Ministry of Waxing

Originally from Singapore and now recognized worldwide, STRIP has raised the bar in waxing. STRIP stays true to its mantra: Hygiene, Speed and Quality.

Hygiene. Every waxing experience is guaranteed clean! They say never to double dipping. Each customer receives his/her own personal Hygiene Pack that includes several spatulas, cotton pads, wet wipes and latex gloves for your dedicated waxpert’s use.

Quality. Chances are you’ve heard about post-wax side-effects – red bumps, irritation and getting “chicken skin.” While most people would consider that “normal”, you should know that it’s mostly a result of poor service. STRIP’s waxperts are boot-camp trained to remove hair with utmost care so we assure that you’re in good hands. STRIP uses only the best waxes and updates according to the needs of their customers.

Speed. Freedom in fifteen minutes! STRIP Brazilian virgins can experience a special Strawberry package (treatment + after care kit) at a promotional price of P1850 for a limited time.

STRIP Serendra
2nd Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
T (632) 901.0892
M (63917) 847.2112

STRIP Greenbelt
4th Floor, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
T (632) 501.3997
M (63918) 947.8747

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