Sta. Elena City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is of one of the few invited blogs to cover the grand launch of Sta. Elena City held at the Peach Tree Clubhouse, Georgia Club, Sta. Elena City in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Sta. Elena City is Vista Land’s 300-hectare masterplan located at the heart of  Laguna. Masterplanned by Asya Design Partner, 120 of the total 300 hectares have already been developed.Vista Land was the first to pioneer the idea of different themed enclaves, such as La Residencia, Belle Reve, Promenade, Fontamara and the more recent Georgia Club and Augusta, all in one area.

the launch was attended by Senator Manny Villar with his daughter Camille Villar.

The uniqueness of Vista Land's STA. ELENA CITY really stands out. No need to imagine it; most of the development is already there, Sta. Elena is a thriving community already in place; all you have to do is come home.

Most communities near the area are claiming to be green yet are still undergoing land development. Sta. Elena is green; there are abundant trees in all the communities, some over a century old. The communities within Sta. Elena are uniquely themed. The upcoming University of Santo Tomas and established Acacia Waldof School plus the educational institutions nearby make the place perfect for the growing family. Minutes away from Sta. Elena City are three of the country’s leading golf courses, the Sta. Elena Golf Club, the Country Club, and the Canlubang Golf and Country Club. All are rated among the best in Asia.

The event started with a welcome remarks from Camille Villar. She emphasized that in Sta. Elena City, they continue with what nature has started and capitalize on its natural beauty. Sta. Elena are authentic not just in our their communities but also in their promise. Sta. Elena is REAL. It already exists and continues to grow naturally into a bigger community. Its promises already fulfilled.

Sta. Elena is located in Sta. Rosa, the fast rising new residential area and financial district of the South, just a short 45 minute drive to Makati’s Central Business District.

Setting Sta. Elena apart from other developments are its meticulously designed themed subdivisions. Inspired by the world’s most charming destinations, residents can choose to come home to English gardens, Spanish haciendas, Italian villas or Georgian colonial houses, depending on which style best suits their tastes.

After the welcome remarks, it was followed by an audio-visual presentation of History, Masterplan Project Highlight of Sta. Elena City, then an intermission number from a string quartet. It was followed by the launch of Sta. Elena Lifestyle Magazine, the official magazine of Sta. Elena City.

Then it was followed by the ground breaking of Sta.Elena time capsule.

Then all of us we're given live butterflies (pictured above) enclosed in a paper. They said that when we freed them, they will bring luck :)

Then we tour Sta. Elena via this tram. The pictures below will take you a quick tour around the area.

The Legacy of Quiros
The Quiros family is synonymous with Sta. Rosa, a land that is bound by tradition and style that makes it unlike any other region in the country. The family has left its indelible mark by the numerous developments in the area. They echo the rich colorful past during the explosive growth of the sugar industry.
The area is a skillfully master planned development that embraces existing projects like Hacienda Sta. Elena, Mesa Land, Belle Reve, Promenade, etc.

A Sublime Alliance
The Quiros family together with Vista Land envisioned a development in the South that successfully combines old world charm with world class developments that co-exist with its natural environment. The Quiros family made a commitment to develop the land of their heritage into a premier master-planned city. With Vista Land as their partner, that vision has now come to full fruition.

Setting Sta. Elena apart from other developments are its meticulously designed themed subdivisions. Inspired by the world’s most charming destinations, residents can choose to come home to English gardens, Spanish haciendas, Italian villas or Georgian colonial houses, depending on which style best suits their tastes.

Valenza – From the Italian word Valence, meaning Balance, this 13.7 hectare Italian Inspired community was launched in 2005 by Crown Asia, still remains to be one of the preferred neighborhoods of people who value the finer things in life. With unrivaled architectural detail, amenities such as a grand lap pool, a luxurious clubhouse, basketball and tennis courts, parks and playgrounds; Valenza clearly epitomizes the unsurpassed standard of Family-Centric Italian Living. Offering competitively priced Lots and Home packages, this development undoubtedly ranks above its league.

La Residencia de Sta. Rosa – Developed in 1994 by Brittany Corporation, this Spanish themed development covering 20 hectares offers lots only packages with lot cuts of 200 to 300 sqm. The thriving Spanish community boasts of an exceptionally designed clubhouse with pool and beckoning parks and open spaces.

Belle Reve – French for “a beautiful dream,” this 20-hectare French Mediterranean-inspired development is aptly named. 50% of the community is devoted to open spaces. Custom home sites are surrounded by countless courtyards with beautifully landscaped gardens where no 2 are alike. Dotted with countless aged trees, Brittany’s quest to preserve the natural landscape is evident in the trees kept intact; there are even some in the middle of the road. (Lot cuts range from 500-800sqm)

Promenade – This 20-hectare community was the answer to Belle Reve’s great success with investment buyers. Inspired by the beautiful English gardens, this stunning sprawling community is full of vibrant garden mazes, statues imported from Europe and lovely flowers. Brittany took the theme a bit further by creating a charming secret garden within the community. (Lot cuts range from 500-800sqm)

Hacienda de Sta. Elena – Perhaps the most exclusive community in Sta. Rosa, this 32 hectare development by Mesa Land (a company owned by the Quiros family), personifies what “Hacienda Living” is all about…unparalleled wide open spaces, a picturesque manmade lake (the first in Sta. Rosa) and sprawling tree abounding milieu. With lot cuts of almost 1 hectare per property, this estate is reserved only for the privileged and affluent few.

Augusta – Launched in 2008 by Brittany Corporation in partnership with the Quiros Family, this 15 hectare American inspired community allowed buyers to have a piece of the exceedingly valued properties in Sta. Rosa at an affordable price without compromising expensive taste, quality and impeccable aesthetic value. Currently being offered are Lots and Home packages. Still with a good number of available inventory, Augusta gives an opportunity for end users and investors alike to have a slice of the pie of the growing illustrious Sta. Rosa community.

Georgia Club – A charming 15-hectare development inspired by the American Southern State of its namesake. The community is designed to both encourage and preserve a way of life that recognizes friendship and family as integral components to the enjoyment of life. A Mecca for nature lovers, Georgia Club is a sprawling woodland with over 1,200 trees that are over 50 years old, including Narra, Mahogany, Acacia and Gmelina. Plus, in a survey done by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, Georgia Club is seen to be a sanctuary to at least 25 different species of birds.

Pioneered by Brittany Corporation in partnership with the Quiros Family, the community boasts of authentic Southern architectural detail, open spaces, scenic jogging paths, a children’s park, a charming clubhouse with pool and tennis court amidst a backdrop of old majestic trees and songs of fluttering birds, it isn’t hard to imagine why this piece of property has enticed so many to call it their home. Currently offering Lots and Home Packages.

Fontamara – Built in 1997 by Brittany Corporation, This 3-hectare community is named after a quaint village in Southern Italy. Made to be very exclusive, the development is rich in Italian details such as the lovely cobblestone entrance gateway.

Commercial Area and Adjacent Leisure Facilities
Sta. Elena’s Commercial Hub will rise in a 7 Hectare Lot located at the back of the current staging area of Georgia Club and Augusta. The proposed commercial center will be unique in its design, working with the natural landscape of the area and shall be executed by internationally acclaimed masterplanners.

Establishments will include the following:
a. Restaurants
b. Supermarkets
c. Coffee Shops
d. Outlet Stores
e. Sports Facilities
f. Events Venue

Surrounding Golf Courses
Surrounding Sta. Elena are two of the country’s most exclusive golf courses:

a. Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club - a 27-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr.
b. The Country Club – an 18-hole facility designed by Tom Wieskopf.
Both fairways are considered among the best in Asia, attracting many an avid golfer to take up residence across the green in one of Sta. Elena’s luxury estates.

Educational Facilities
Two prestigious educational institutions have chosen to build their history of excellence in Sta. Elena:

a. University of Santo Tomas – the oldest University in Asia will rise in a 45 hectare property within the Sta. Elena Estate.

b. Acacia Waldorf School – An exclusive and renowned pre-school and elementary inside Hacienda Sta. Elena known for its holistic approach to teaching. Other renowned schools in the area are De La Salle Canlubang, Don Bosco Canlubang, St. Scholastica’s College and Brent International School.

Know more about this unique place by calling 794-9999 or 837-1400 or visit the Sta. Elena City's official website at

see more photos of the launch at's Facebook page.

JL Santiago Aquino

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  4. sta.rosa po ba talaga lahat ng subdivisions d2 sa sta.elena city?baka parang south forbes website nila they claimed they are located in sta.rosa pero one of their staff admitted na sa silang cavite talaga ang address nila.kaya nakaka-irita kasi kapag ganun

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