's Guide To Online Retailers in the Philippines

Store name
Many shops (especially those featuring on Facebook and Multiply) have an ambiguous name. This may be okay if the merchant is known or popular, but “Harry’s Place” is unlikely to get the crowds flocking through the door if they cannot tell from the outside what the merchant is selling. Even worse, if a shopper visits Harry’s Sweet Shop fully expecting to see some candy or chocolate etc but instead finds nail products, for example, the merchant may expect not to see the shopper again anytime soon. PCExpress, on the other hand, is clear and will manage shopper’s expectations.

Because of the competitive nature of retailing, many store holders feel that “call me for price” is an adequate solution: It is not. Just because this has been a common approach in the past, does not mean that it is a condition for success in the future. No-one would seriously venture out grocery shopping and visit a store that does not put a price on a can of beans, yet some merchants expect potential customers to perpetually enquire as to prices and hope that they will continue to visit them.

Customer Service
It’s early days for many merchants for sure but; if merchants really want to make it big in the world of online merchandising, they are going to have to embrace some global standards and have a change of attitude towards the consumer: Bricks and mortar businesses around the globe have learned this lesson. Making statements such as “Bogus buyers and joy reservers are not allowed!” might be fine in a small, enclosed and largely incestuous online market. To the general buying population, however, it is just aggravating, off putting and does not do a single thing to deter time wasters. The underlying message; only bother me if you are definitely going to spend money, is simply not conducive to business-building. Using Cashsense’s Shop Online – Pay Cash solution, however, knocks out bogus buyers with one punch.

Just like running any small business, successfully managing an online store needs an investment of the owner’s time

• Attention has to be paid to the look and feel of the place and the environment has to be kept clean and tidy
• Goods must be laid out and presented attractively and images should be clear with ratios maintained
• Inventory has to be maintained and customers informed of the availability of goods
• Merchants must make goods easy to purchase by the addition of “Buy” buttons and payment options etc

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