SM Valenzuela's "R U Crazy 4 Style?" Grand Finals

When I got an invite to judge the Grand Finals of R U Crazy For Style, I immediately said yes. Why not? I've seen the progress of this contest since from it's inception in March of 2010 and up to it's culminating day, the Grand Finals. So it's really an honor for me to be part of this.

The goal of this contest is to find the topnotch male and female fashionista of Valenzuela City. So starting from March 2010 to December 2010, SM Center Valenzuela held a monthly fashion contest that is open to male and female, aged 15-22 years old.

The result of these, is ten female and ten males that battled it out for the final catwalk that is held live at The Event Center of SM Center Valenzuela. The event is attended by the finalist' supporters, some of them are even holding big banners/placard and lot's of colorful balloons too. It's like watching a basketball game ;)

R U Crazy For Style finalists are: Steven and Precious for March; Rodrigo and Hannah for April; Angelo and Myca for May; Enzo and Kimbil for June; Danica and Mark for July; Innah and Christian for August; Kisha and Bernard for September; Manilyn and Emerson for October; Erica and Piopet for November & Jenelyn and Icko for December.

The criteria for judging are as follows: 25% for the Casual Wear, 25% for the Fashion 2011 Collection, 25% for the Hollywood Red Carpet Attire, 15% for the Facebook Like Votes, and 10% for the Audience Impact at the Grand Finals.

These group of dancers opened the program with a nice dance number. After that, the twenty grand finalist came down (from the stairs) by pair, with their masked ensembles.

R U Crazy For Style Grand Finalists.

Ms. Candidate #3 (May 2010) Myka Basco

The event's host as they introduce the judges.


Before they begin the first part of the contest, which is the casual wear competition, these masked dancers showcased their talent first. 

Here are the candidates/outfits that I liked during this round:

Mr. #4 (June 2010) Enzo Terania.

Ms. #3 (May 2010) Myka Basco

Ms.  #2 (April 2010) Hannah Basco, she got the highest point from me (for this round) and became one of my early favorite.  She bagged the Best in Casual Wear among girls.

Ms. #7 (September 2010) Kisha Coleen Ancheta is quite familiar to me, since I already saw her in another contest, in which she won. This girl really got the talent in modelling and has a lot of confidence too.

Mr.  #7 (September 2010) Bernard Alegre Domogma has a lot of supporters in the venue, I think he has the most fans among the boys. He won the Best in Casual Wear. He and Mr. #4 is my fave for this round.


Ms. #3 (May 2010) Myka Basco

Mr. #3 (May 2010) Angelo Carlo Padilla

Mr. and Ms. #4, Enzo Terania and Kimbil Ramirez

Ms. #6 (August 2010) Innah Martin

 Mr.  #7 (September 2010) Bernard Alegre Domogma

Ms. #9 (November 2010) Annie Erica Victoria really got a lot of supporters. She not just won the Facebook Hottie Award, for having the most "like" votes in but she also has the most supporters that went to SM Valenzuela. With all of her supporters, she still seems not confident, on the way she walks.

Ms. #10 (December 2010) Jenelyn Martinez Morcoso

Winners of the 'Best in Fashion 2011 Collection' are Mr. and Ms. #2, Hannah Basco and Rodrigo Isorena.


a song and dance number before going to the final round.

Ms. #2, Hannah Basco

Ms. #6 (August 2010) Innah Martin

Ms. #7 Kisha Coleen Ancheta

Mr. #2 Rodrigo Isorena

Mr. #3 (May 2010) Angelo Carlo Padilla

Ms. #4, Enzo Terania, he's also the winner for this round, he got the "Best in Hollywood Red Carpet Attire" award.

Ms. # 3 Myka Basco bested all the girls and bagged the "Best in Hollywood Red Carpet Attire" award.

An energetic dance performance before the announcing the final winners.

R U Crazy For Style? WINNERS

2nd Place, Male: Rodrigo Isorena
2nd Place, Female: Hannah Basco

1st Place, Male: Christian Valleser
1st Place, Female: Myka Basco

Male Fashionista 2010: Enzo Terania
Female Fashionista 2010: Anna Erica Victoria

Check out more than 200 photos of this event at my Facebook Fan Page [link & link] For typo error on names, etc. just comment on this post ;)

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  1. di naman deserving yung winner sa girls hahaha

  2. this is nice, just be careful when using Ms. and Mr. though, I also know that is confusing because of the 1 letter difference. The rest is good though.

  3. Anonymous said

    parang hindi naman deserving ung winner na parang si lady gaga

  4. isa lang ang deserving na manalo jan..
    basta 1st runner up cia saakin.