5 Signs a Girl is Interested in You

How would you know if a girl is interested in you? San Mig Light will tell you how via their newest TVC featuring two of the top Filipino actors, Joseph Marco and Tom Rodriguez. The two are San Mig Light's newest celebrity endorsers.

This is the first time that the two actors from competing TV networks will team up for an endorsement project and I think they are perfect choice for the role. But I just notice that the Kapamilya actor has no speaking line in this TVC. Maybe they'll have another version.

The TV commercial started airing last Friday and now creating a buzz online. The Facebook video has been liked more than 12,000 times and now has 962,000 views.

With just 100 calories per 330ml bottle and with a "magaan sa tiyan" tagline, San Mig Light promises that you'll Look Good, Feel Good and Meet More! Definitely, Mahaba-habang Inuman. 

San Mig Light is a full beer flavor that hits just right. Perfect for a night out with friends without worrying for unnecessary hangover the next morning.

Check out the 5 signs below: