Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

I really love the idea of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010. It not just put a spotlight on new and upcoming Filipino blogs, but it also gives a chance for new bloggers to be recognized and at the same time strive harder to make their blog better. Because when you campaign for your blog to other blogger especially if you don't meet them yet, they will find some good thing on your blogs and if they don't find any good thing about your blog, chances are they will not nominate you.

So when I heard that the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 is already coming up I already 'gear up' my blog. I changed my blog template and looks, I also change the blog theme/topic, because before I just post anything on my, now I have a food blog, a movie blog and a new dotcom personal blog.

Winner or not, Im very thankful to all these bloggers that included my blog in their list:, The Delano Observer, Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0Jayson Biadog, Crisendo PhotographiaAstig Machismis, John's World, The Adventures of a Lionheart, My Chaotic Blog, Wentot's Thoughts, JamesHistoria.comBoards and Mags, Me Myself and ISM City Marilao Official Blogsite, Reality Bytes, Neknek Mo, Hiraya, Kahit Ano Ito, My Life's Good, My Thoughts and The Act, UCCianAdventures ng Makulit na Blogger,, The Extraordinary Kiddo, Contest Geek, and Something To Say.  Just including my blog in your nominees is already a big feat for me. Thank you so much!! I'm glad that this writing project made me some new blogger friends! yay :]

Watch this video to know which are my votes on the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010, in no particular order :]

BLOG NAME: Official Blogsite of SM City Marilao
BLOG AUTHOR: Sheryl D. Baltazar
DATE STARTED:  August 2009

In less than 1 year, this blog of SM City Marilao (which I helped in terms of designing) managed to top the search engines when you search for the blog name. The author which I knew through another blogger, Kelvin Servigon has been my constant email buddy eversince. She always invite me on SM Marilao/SM Valenzuela events too, sometimes I'm the only blogger she invited, which makes me feel proud :)

BLOG NAME: Wentot's Thoughts
DATE STARTED:  August 2009

I knew Ryan even he still uses the free WordPress flatform back then, and now with her own domain & hosting he is still the same down to earth blogger, that has very good skills in photography.

BLOG NAME: The Products Blog
BLOG AUTHOR: David Delano D'Angelo
DATE STARTED: August 2009

I've met David and his wife Mei through an event which we attended. I'm really fascinated on his diligence in updating her many blogs.He also support some advocacy in his blog which means he don't just just for the money.

BLOG NAME: Chic & Cheaps
BLOG AUTHOR: Ann Saturno
DATE STARTED: February 2010

Ann is another blogger that I  like because she is such a humble blogger, unlike other blogger who think full of themselves ;) I think we started blogging on the same month & year.She managed to juggle all his tasks on her dayjob and keeps her blogs updated at the same time.

BLOG NAME: Crisendo Photographia
BLOG AUTHOR: Chris Hizon

I've never met Chris in any of the events I attended not just because he's an "Indian" but he got a day job I think. Well, I chose his blog as of my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 because just like Ryan he also got some skills in Photography.

BLOG NAME: ATBP! [Around The Buzz Primetime!]
BLOG AUTHOR:  Fjordan Allego
DATE STARTED: September 2009

ATBP! [Around The Buzz Primetime!] is one of Fjordan's many blogs which is always updated on latest Pinoy showbiz news. Though the blog uses the default Blogspot templates, the way he writes makes up to it.

BLOG NAME: Boards and Mags
BLOG AUTHOR:  Akiro Maconotchi

People always like looking at pictures, online or offline. Just like me. when I browse a magazine I always look at the pictures first before reading the surrounding text. This photoblog is just like that, let the pictures do the talking.

BLOG NAME: The Winners Place
AUTHOR: Jayson R. Biadog
DATE STARTED:  November 2009

Jayson is a contesero (a word I used for online contests addicts) just like me. Well, actually I lielow on online contest now because I have so many online tasks which I had to do first. This blog chronicles all her triumphs in all of the online contest he join and won.

BLOG NAME: Become Rich with a Rich Mindset
DATE STARTED:  March 2010

Tim is the only blogger on my list that has no surname :] Well, I think he got some reason why he chose not to disclose his surname to the public.  is a nicely designed blog which I really like, sometimes I judge some bloggers on the way their blogs look. Some says that the look of your blog, reflect your personality. Is it cluttered or what?

DATE STARTED:  September 2009

This blog is the  first ever non-anonymous blog that I created. Modesty aside, my stats are amazing and I even surpassed the stats of those blogs that started before me, and this is not even a SEO blog, I don't put keywords on the titles and I don't follow Google trends :] Some says that how can you be influential if your the only one that reads your blog?

Winner or not, Im very thankful to all those 20+ bloggers that included my blog in their list. Just including my blog in your nominees is already a big feat for me. Thank you !!

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PS: I will edit this post later to include the links of all the blogs that nominated me :]

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  3. yeah weird nga. i used the firefox add-on called "screengrab" for that using Windows 7. It looks normal naman kapag di siya isiscreenshot :)

  4. Thanks for the nomination. Good luck sa iyo, I heard marami kang nominations.